Wordfeud tips and tricks

When you know the rules of Wordfeud, your vocabulary is increasing, you should start thinking about the tactics. Wordfeud is not only a word game, but also a math and strategic game. Start developing your tactical skills, and you will quickly become a better Wordfeud player, and improving your game drastically. We have put out some pointers for you to think about when playing, as a start. .

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Don´t hold back on your consonants, but be cheap with your vowels.

Orange and Red positions

Don´t let the opponent put a word that crosses a orange or red square/position. On a Standard board there are 8 such dangerous areas. Be careful playing words towards these areas. Wait until your opponent does it, and take advantage of it.


If you have 7 letter tiles in your rack and use all of them to form a word, you will get 40 bonus points